Angela Annesley • Printmaker, Painter and Book

Angela is a print artist, painter and illustrator based near Land’s End in Cornwall, specialising in handprinted woodcuts and art books featuring poetry, stories and bespoke illustrations, and expressionist mixed-media paintings. Her work depicts scenes that reflect the opposing curves and angles of the natural and industrial landscapes and the wild seascapes of England. Animals run free in their natural environment and the prints embody the strength of the southwesterly winds that shape the character of the land and sea. Mermaids, wolves, ravens, rabbits and foxes roam the riverside woodlands. Ageless yet ancient landscapes bloom with vibrant colours in sparsely populated rolling hills, and villages nestle in their bright folds. Woodcut printsUnlike traditional woodcuts, Angela’s illustrations develop organically as she works on each piece. Designs are roughly planned on the wood or plate, and then developed through the techniques and idiosyncrasies of gouging and carving. Angela prints with both water-based etching inks and oil-based litho inks, and favours sugar paper and unbleached papers that add their own character to the prints. She uses Japanese wood carving chisels. The woodcuts are printed on a unique press designed and made by an engineer in Perranporth. It’s A1 in size meaning that extra large work can be printed smoothly and is great for all kinds of intaglio and relief printing with its adjustable roller.

What is a woodcut?

Similar in technique to a lino cut, woodcuts use carving chisels to gouge patterns or images into a wooden surface to produce a printable relief. The wood is then inked up using a smooth rubber roller, leaving a thin film of ink on the areas of the image that haven’t been gouged away. Paper is then laid on the wood and passed through a press or burnished by hand. When the paper is peeled back you have a reverse image of your carving. Coloured images are produced using multiple surfaces with different areas of relief to produce areas of different colours.